September 20, 2015   

Transforming TfL Online

Redesign of Europe’s largest transport website.

In a city where “Every Journey Matters” the task of taking an already great site and improving it was never going to be easy. However, TfL set WAE the challenge of designing a web service for customers of the largest and most complex transport network in the world.  The brief – “To get customers off the tube and onto other forms of transport”.

Customer behaviour insight

Working in collaboration with TfL’s Online Marketing and Insight Teams, WAE set out to identify the future needs and behaviours of London’s commuters and tourists, as they navigate one of the world’s most complex urban transport systems.

Key to our approach was being able to take a huge amount of quantitative data and, working closely with TFL’s insight team, translate that data into a qualitative view on customer’s behavioural needs. Contextualising the raw data into something that could be used to shape TfL’s tools and services for journey planning was ‘the’ most challenging and critical part of the project.

Mobile wins the day

Our mobile first, customer-centred approach ensured the new digital TfL service worked on all devices: mobile phones, tablets, desktops and everything in between. This meant no compromise when it came to the mobile experience and gave users access to all content and functionality at their fingertips.

The fully responsive design has driven record high customer satisfaction levels. Since re-launch in April 2014 the site has received over 1.2 billion page visits.

Our work with TfL has won a variety of awards including Winner Dadi Awards 2014 | Winner Design for Experience Awards 2014 | Webby Honoree 2014 |Winner 2 Lovie Awards 2014 | Winner 2 People’s Lovie Awards 2014

By Julia Christensen,