November 3, 2015   

Metropolitan Police – The Future of Policing

How to create an effective digital service for police and the public in the 21st Century.

WAE delivers digital transformation by putting its customers at the heart of their clients’ businesses. Since 2013, we have worked with The Metropolitan Police (The Met) to develop and implement a customer-centred digital strategy. This has included developing strategic and tactical work that examines and designs new tools and channels of communication for both police officers and the public.

Working in partnership with The Met Mobility team, WAE developed a pilot system to enhance three key areas of The Met’s CRIS System using iPad minis – enabling officers to quickly and efficiently report crimes and missing persons, collect evidence and record witness statements.

A clear vision for the future

With a clear vision of minimise paperwork, improve the flow of information and help officers make urgent decisions, WAE implemented collaborative, user-centred methodologies to create an end-to-end mobile service. Workshops with Met stakeholders provided key insights to crystallise the vision, develop storyboards, design the interface and compile a best practice toolkit.

Moreover WAE was able to plan the tactical integration of a mobile device to address some of CRIS’ user experience shortfalls, with storyboards describing a future strategic vision of how a frontline officer would use an iPad mini on location.

The Met goes mobile

Mobile CRIS and eStatements were the first two apps to be provisioned to officers for mobile use via iPad. A trial of the system ran in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and the Mobility Pilot went live in late July 2014.

CRIS now has more than 500 users and in the space of six months, 14,100 crime reports were created via iPad, more than 60,500 crime reports were retrieved to officers devices and in August 2015, 90.28% of crime reports created by ‘Response Officers’ were done so using iPads. Since July 2014, there have been more than 17,500 eStatements produced and there are now more than 500 users.

The following extracts are taken from officers using iPad and the Operational apps within the Mobility Pilot.

“During a recent high profile Murder Investigation which involved semi-permanent postings where officers were based in the field for protracted periods of time; access to the internet and email became essential and invaluable to the success of the investigation. The investigation required officers to work extended hours and enabled managers to stay in contact with staff, which in turn allowed working time to be appropriately managed.”

Senior MPS Police Officer

“We now have the ability to create and update crime reports immediately at the scene and while with the victim, rather than waiting several hours to return to the police station to locate an available desktop computer. This recently resulted in a report being taken for burglary where a laptop was stolen; the report was taken via iPad and reviewed almost immediately. Approximately an hour later a known burglar was stopped in London with a laptop with matching serial numbers and promptly arrested for the burglary. Previously the burglary report information would have remained with the officer for most of their shift and this suspect would either not have been arrested or certainly sold the laptop on.”

Burglary Squad Detective

“During another very high profile murder inquiry, senior officers were able to brief government ministers using images obtained via iPad. This expedited a normally lengthy process and facilitated quick time decisions to officers on the ground.”

Senior MPS Police Officer

Celebrating success…

The Metropolitan Police iPad Mobility project has won, and been shortlisted for a host of industry awards including the UX Awards, the UK Digital Experience Awards 2015 where the project won Best app/mobile and First Strategy and Government Service category, finalist at the MEFFY Awards 2015 for Innovation in Technology, finalist at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2015 for Best Mobile Utility Application for Smartphone or Tablet, and highly commended at the Lovie Awards 2015 for Best User Experience.

By Julia Christensen,