Putting the customer at the heart of your business

By Chris Averill, CEO & Founder

May 29, 2015   

This week sees the launch of our new Customer Lab, a state of the art physical research centre and virtual resource, designed to make game-changing improvements to customer engagement which we have created in partnership with our friends at OgilvyOne.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to place the customer at the heart of everything you do and our new Customer Lab is going to help us demonstrate the power of customer centricity. Companies and marketers often forego speaking to the customer directly, assuming that a quantitative view of their customer, or past experience of marketing in a specific way, will provide a quick answer. The Customer Lab will allow us to strip back these assumptions, putting the customer at the heart of our clients business and question every single aspect of the brand experience in order to gain clarity around what the customer actually wants and needs, whilst confidently mapping out their future engagement strategy.

OgilvyOne chose wae to be its partner as we are rapidly becoming the global market leader in customer experience, behavioural science and product design. OgilvyOne knew that wae alone could bring the unique skillset required for this ground-breaking joint venture and offer a fantastic opportunity to expand on our long-term relationship.

The new lab will be based in OgilvyOne’s office in Canary Wharf and we are also developing thought leading immersive research, the results of which we intend to make public on a regular basis to help illustrate how organisations can think and behave differently with better customer insight.

Going into the project we had three key objectives:

  • To put customers at the heart of any project — by working with them and observing them, allowing far deeper insight into the way they experience brands
  • Develop profound understanding of what customer-first means in design thinking
  • Remove barriers and resistance to research, insight and co-creation — embedding customer feedback and experience into the insight and development process going beyond rigid research methodologies

The Customer Lab will enable clients to see how their customers interact with their products and services in real time, allowing them to factor in feedback at all stages of the design process. It will offer training, customer immersion and research for teams and clients which combine best practice in user testing, co-creation and ethnography, to provide the most up to date and compelling customer understanding.

The latest technology has been incorporated into The Customer Lab including video playback, eye-tracking and VR using the Oculus Rift to ensure our teams and our clients will see the people whose hearts, minds, attention and loyalty we need to win. We’ll sit face to face with them and watch, learn and enquire as they engage. We’ll work collaboratively to create the products and services that will really matter to the clients and customers of we are experience and OgilvyOne.

In today’s digital world we find that the customers we speak to are no longer willing to be led down the traditional, rigid, marketing funnel. With increasing competition, offering consumers a range of different purchasing options, the customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Brands no longer hold the balance of power in dictating what the customer purchases and our Customer Lab will excel as it identifies what customers’ really need and want.