Driving cultural and behavioural change within the Met

By Julia Christensen,

November 2, 2015    6 mins

Driving cultural and behavioural change remains a big challenge for large, complex public sector organisations. Do they accept the status quo and continue as they are or do they adopt a different approach? For example, one that embraces new ways of thinking, invests in new technology, and above all adopts an approach that puts the customer first?

The Metropolitan Police is one organisation addressing these challenges.

Helping businesses to transform through adopting a customer centric approach.

On 10th November, Martin Fewell, Director of Media & Communications at The Metropolitan Police will deliver a keynote address at the Public Sector Procurement Summit. The event aims to examine how to successfully implement new government policies and spread best practice.

During the keynote Martin will discuss the benefits of working with specialist SME’s that are passionate about what they do and how to develop an agile, customer centric approach to deliver digital transformation projects that drive behavioural change.

Topics include:

  • Think differently, challenge, excite — embrace an open, commercial approach that scales to meet your business needs, challenge traditional organisational boundaries and excite your team
  • Customer first — adopt a customer centric approach to drive cultural and behavioural change within an organisation
  • A new approach — revolutionising the future of policing in London through digital transformation

Finding the right partner — driving digital change in your business

Later in the day during a breakout session Martin will be joined by Chris Averill, CEO, WAE to talk about how to engage people in the right way to drive engagement and how challenging an organisation’s traditional culture delivers results.

Topics include:

  • Build the prefect team — how to create the perfect marketing team to be customer centric
  • Ask the right questions — the need to be asking the right questions of the right audience to deliver the right outcome and product
  • A fresh, agile approach — RaCE — Rapid, agile, Customer, Engagement — a unique approach that enables fast, agile, iterative, design and testing to heavily reduce risk and miscommunication

iPad Mobility Project

WAE worked with The Metropolitan Police Mobility Team to develop a pilot system that enhances three key areas of the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Reporting System (CRIS). With a clear vision to improve the flow of information and help front line officers make urgent decisions on location, using an iPad mini officers were able to quickly and efficiently report crimes and missing persons, collect evidence and record witness statements.

Say Hello

To arrange a time to meet with Chris and the team at the conference please email LDN@hellowae.com