December 12, 2015   

Leading Telecom Company in US

“Gaming” as a new growth and innovation opportunity for telecommunication companies.

Innovation research to understand the Gaming space in the US, mapping opportunity areas for Telecoms.

Transformation and innovation

The telecom industry is being transformed. Once the domain of few corporations who could afford the massive investments in infrastructure required to enter the market, today the industry is teeming with smaller players and startups who exploit that very same infrastructure to sell their own services. In order to keep relevant and growing in the current highly-competitive landscape, telecoms are identifying new opportunities to innovate – and leverage their unique resources – to deliver products and services that customers want. One such opportunity is entering the Gaming space.

Understand the bigger picture

In 2015, a major telecom company – and its agency partner – approached WAE to help them better understand customer needs in the gaming space. Key questions that our client was looking to answer included: How do people discover new games? What are the key attributes of social gameplay? Why are people drawn to watching gameplay? What triggers people to play games in the first place?

Research methods to bring the Gaming landscape to life

With a focus on identifying user needs both broadly and with a depth that would provide a rich pool of actionable insights, we worked with our client to develop a four pronged research approach:

  • Observational research and street intercepts
  • Remote Diary Study
  • In-home ethnography
  • Meetup (group event bringing together hard-core and mobile gamers)

WAE, agency partner and client worked as one team for 3 months, collaborating throughout the engagement. By project’s end, we had interacted with almost 150 respondents across major US cities and delivered an in-depth Discovery report and research video with key customer insights and unmet needs, as well as an initial assessment and roadmap of opportunity areas for new offerings that could deliver an improved gaming experience for users.

Clients were excited about our unique approach to research and strategy, which translated into an invitation for WAE to join internal planning session to discuss the future of their Gaming product strategy.

While our research is still fresh, and our client’s forays into gaming are ongoing, it’s clear that the gaming industry is here to stay, and we’re excited to see how our research may shape the
future telecom customer experience.

Additional notes:

A growing market, in 2014 the gaming industry generated $81.4 billion in revenue, far eclipsing traditional media industries such as film (2014 global box office revenue was $36.4 billion).

By Julia Christensen,