February 4, 2016   

Know me, show me, love me – Retail Banking

How to shape the future vision of digital interactions and experiences for customer and staff.

In 2015 HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations which serves approximately 48 million customers globally, has over 6000 offices worldwide and a network that covers 72 countries, engaged with WAE to understand more about the future of digital interactions and how they will impact the customer experience.

HSBC approached WAE with a plethora of challenges namely around channel choice and how consumer behaviours are continuously changing, and how the industry is under constant and increasing threat from start-ups with new ideas and innovative, agile technology. In addition banking is a saturated, democratised industry and loyalty is dropping as consumers have more choice, therefore there’s a growing requirement for banks to offer extra value by being proactive and reducing the effort on customers.

Creating a go-to destination in finance

With a clear vision to position HSBC as the go-to destination in finance, HSBC worked with WAE’s team of research and insight consultants to develop the ultimate customer experience in virtual and real environments, globally.

HSBC WorkshopMethodologies employed included iterative idea development to engage with 100s of key stakeholders (junior and call centre staff through to C-suite executives) and International co-discovery and co-design activities in the UK and Hong Kong. Both processes helped to implement insights captured during collaborative working sessions, identify cultural nuances, discover micro journeys and the creation storyboards with respondents aided discussion to drive design concept development – with specific attention to how staff could interact with customers via tablet. Moreover, WAE sought inspiration for out of sector best practice, presenting examples from customer experience and service design in retail across the industry.

“We worked with WAE in 2015 on a project with global reach and scope. Working to a relatively fluid brief WAE did a great job in working within the constraints of our business whilst also adding in new ways of thinking, innovation, and flexibility. The result was an interesting set of ideas which we are now following up on with phase two of the project. The consultants we met at WAE were professional, skilled, inspirational and a lot of fun!”

Rob Clegg, Global Head Staff Digitisation

By Rachel Armstrong, Partner