Jawbone UP

By Julia Christensen,

February 5, 2015   

Two years ago, our MD bought a Jawbone UP from the States but stopped wearing it after about two months. I presumed it didn’t work or wasn’t useful. For those of you as yet unfamiliar with the ‘UP’, it is a wristband that measures your steps and sleep patterns (and calorie intake if you input your meals) to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Recently, I bought an UP on the recommendation of our Strategy Director and I’m obsessed with it. Here’s how it’s helping me…

In my opinion, UP’s most useful feature is that it acts as your alarm clock. This works by plugging it into your smartphone (Jawbone — the makers of UP, provide a free app) and setting a ‘smart alarm’. A smart alarm is a time range that you set for UP to wake you up by vibrating on your wrist (don’t be skeptical, it works). UP will then wake you up when you’re sleeping lightest within your time range. This means no more waking up confused and no more knocking over pints of water as you try and hit your alarm clock in a sleepy daze.

The step counter is also obviously very useful. I always wondered why I never really gain much weight, even though I’ve largely stopped going to the gym and partaking in sports, aside from football. It turns out I’m averaging about 14,000 steps a day — that burns about 2,600 calories. So basically, I’m burning what I’m eating just through my job and daily commute.

Thirdly, the sleep counter is truly insightful. I must admit that it’s not wholly accurate and sometimes I know I have woken up in the night but it hasn’t recorded it. However, on the whole, it’s really useful. It’s particularly good when I think I’ve had a lot of sleep but still feel drained and that’s because I haven’t had much ‘deep sleep’. Knowing this stops me from being a moody so and so, as I know why I feel tired (somehow this makes it easier to deal with). UP will even provide tips through the app on how to increase the quality of my sleep. What’s not to like?

So would I go so far as to recommend UP? Well, yes. Especially as you can add your friends (it’s called a team) to see how well you’re all doing. Which is nice. I’m still not sure why our MD scrapped it so early. But then again he has got a Nike fuel band as well as a collection of over 30 phones. I think he might just like collecting technology…