October 3, 2015    3 mins

eva – Live life! Share it!

App design and UX for the real video social network.

eva is a new consumer-facing video social network, developed by global service design consultancy WAE, and Forbidden Technologies, a developer of cloud-based video editing solutions.

Launched globally in October 2015 for iOS, eva allows users to record and share extraordinary experiences with friends and the wider online community via video, and was built to be beautiful, simple and unique.

Adopting an agile start-up approach

To ensure rapid development WAE set up a War Room to create a lean start-up environment. This gave the team a fertile setting to challenge all aspects of design, from brand to market position, to interface design, and allowed ideas to be simultaneously fed into the branding process.

WAE ran a unique and iterative process, utilising accelerated lean UX principles to complete the design process. Focused on the user perspective, eva only includes features that were affirmed by consumers. Using its RaCE (Rapid, agile, Customer, Engagement) methodology, WAE combined over 200 contextual interviews with collaborative discovery, and designed the ideal consumer service for a range of audiences spanning age groups, nationalities and culture.

Striving for success

Since launch eva has gained a substantial following with over 70,000 active users worldwide, has over 14,000 likes on Facebook, approaching 2000 followers on Twitter and over 600 followers on Instagram.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a partner that embraces the whole customer experience and has the means to research, gain insight and test designs on the street with real consumers. Research took a central role in the work that was delivered for eva. As a result, eva was transformed into a beautiful experience that allows people to express themselves through video.

“We interviewed seven different companies and WAE was the only one that could have worked the way I wanted to work and they were the only ones that suggested building a war room.”

Aziz Musa, CEO, Forbidden Technologies

Showcasing success, eva and WAE have won and been shortlisted for, and won, a variety of industry awards, namely winning Silver at the UK App Design Awards 2015 and shortlisted at The Techies 2016 in the Ultimate App category.

By Gareth Fryer, Partner