Eva is Set to Take the Market by Storm

By Julia Christensen,

July 14, 2015   

Everyone meet eva — a new consumer-facing social media network that has launched today for the iPhone. We worked in collaboration with Forbidden Technologies to create this brand new social network in just 30 days.

Now eva is set to become the social medium of choice for millions of consumers from all walks of life. With other social platforms catering for the global market need for text and photographs, eva has been designed to meet the demand for video.

Put simply eva is beautiful, easy to use and addictive.

And it is free to download.

Our partner, Forbidden Technologies, which develops cloud-based video editing solutions, chose to collaborate with us on this project as it was impressed with our team’s lean UX, iterative test and learn approach, and our ability to deliver within a short timeframe. Not only did we demonstrate that we could work collaboratively but we also showed that we understood both the business needs as well as the technology and consumer landscape. eva evolved rapidly through lean UX and almost constant validation of concepts with real people in guerrilla settings.

I’m proud to say that we followed a rigorous design process of test and learn. Day after day our research team tested different ideas with consumers and as a result we were able to deliver a solution that we know consumers really want. We set up a war room in Forbidden Technologies offices and I think in total had over 1,000 ideas on the wall which we tested with consumers.”

Over the last year, eva has been quietly building traction. The app already has a following in the tens of thousands, has recruited more than a hundred advocates from social stars to up coming sporting talent to influential founders and eva’s original video content has been shared over 10 million times.

Not bad for an app not even launched until today.

eva is available to download from on iOS from the App Store so please go and download it and see for yourself what a beautiful experience if offers.